Welcome to the new upcoming Dark Horror and Pop Culture Magazine – Macabre Royalty. This new magazine launching in just over a month will feature works from top artists all over the world that have high quality dark and macabre artworks. Each quarterly issue will include photographic works, illustrations, comic series, short stories, interviews, and articles featuring the very best of independent artists in the genre today.

Our publishing team invites you to submit your works to the Magazine and become part of the Macabre Royalty family by having your talent featured in a a lifestyle magazine that reaches over 35,000 people via our various social media accounts on Instagram, Facebook and Vero! The potential audience of people who will see your work grows every day and will exponentially grow once the magazine launches at the end of April.

Submissions to the magazine are at no cost at the moment.  Issue 1 submissions are completed and we are now accepting submissions for Issue 2. 

One of the most exciting parts of this magazine is that an incredible 50% of net profits from online sales will be given back to the contributors of the content for each issue. How profit sharing works is as follows: On a quarterly basis Macabre Royalty will tally the sales of each issue and determine total profits after expenses to the produce and promote the magazine. Once sales are tallied 50% of the remaining net profits will be divided by the amount of content your work provided to the creation of the issue based on pages and quality of work. The exact formulas used for each issue will vary based on each magazine. If your work is also chosen for the cover of the magazine a specific percentage is reserved for the winners of that honor!

As you can see Macabre Royalty is definitely a different entity in the horror and dark culture world with our profit sharing structure. Now is the time for you and your amazing creative works to get noticed worldwide!